Heyer Gets Hugh Carey

Former Governor Hugh Carey endorsed John Heyer in the race for the City Council seat being vacated by Bill de Blasio in brownstone Brooklyn.

The campaign noted that Heyer went to school with Carey’s granddaughter, which may explain why he’s getting involved in a local City Council race.

Heyer did note that as a congressman, Carey was an early opponent of the Vietnam War, trying to tap into the district’s current sentiments against the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Also, Heyer is the conservative Democrat in the race, relatively speaking, with nuanced positions on abortion rights and same-sex marriage, as compared to his opponents, Brad Lander, Josh Skaller and Bob Zuckerman,who are fighting for title of most progressive.

Hugh Carey has a history, since retiring from public office, of endorsing non-liberals and non-Democrats.

“First of all, I’m definitely not conservative,” Heyer told Brooklyn Paper. “I would never consider myself conservative. In fact, I have the same stance, or position, on gay marriage as Barack Obama.”

Much of the race has focused on the Lander-Skaller race to the left, while Heyer has been mining the more moderate elements of the district. Heyer Gets Hugh Carey