Items! Hornby Hears Bad News, Sarah Palin ‘Writes’ Fast

Nick Hornby talks about a great High Fidelity after-party where they all learned it was going to bomb on Broadway.

Busted Clinton bundler Norman Hsu is sentenced to 24 years.

While British authorities are going after Bernie Madoff’s staff.

And another Bernie bio reveals too much.

Sarah Palin is Going Rogue earlier than anyone expected.

The Jane Hotel haters hire some P.R. pros.

While a Greenwich Street strip club and a lingerie store are trying to get “more action.”

There’s a new list of the most profitable non-profiters.

The Brits are trying to determine whether Mamet matters.

Either way, he’s all over Broadway.

And 60 Minutes teams up with Vanity Fair to tell us we’d rather be Clooney than Obama, and we want scales in our fast food joints.

Items! Hornby Hears Bad News, Sarah Palin ‘Writes’ Fast