Kothari blasts new LD 19 Democratic Party ticket

On learning of the Middlesex County Democratic Committee's overwhelming vote Wednesday night in favor of Woodbridge attorney Craig Coughlin to complement Assemblyman John Wisniewski (D-Sayreville), Republican Peter Kothari denounced the Democrats' newly formed 19th District ticket as a model of imminent bad government.

"Tonight we have seen the Middlesex County democratic (sic) party is a party of political insiders and deal makers who are controlled by the same partybosses who have led New Jersey into the greatest recession since the Great Depression," said Kothari in a press release, complete with small "d" designation outragefor his rivals.

"Just like his running mate John Wisniewski, Coughlin has been making money for years from his political appointments and jobs," added the Republican candidate, a Woodbridge businessman and community activist.

"Corzine and the party bosses in Middlesex refuse to endorse any candidate who has any independence. I have no doubt that Coughlin will do Corzine's work in the Assembly if he is elected and New Jersey cannot take that chance. We have already seen that the partnership between Corzine and Wisniewski is a failure. New Jersey residents should be equally scared that the democrats (sic) have chosen one of Jim McGreevey's top Woodbridge lieutenants as a candidate."

Kothari is running on a GOP ticket with Perth Amboy real estate broker Richard Piatkowski. Kothari blasts new LD 19 Democratic Party ticket