One of the city’s most heated races is right next door to City Council member Rosie Mendez, who represents the Lower East Side. She hasn’t endorsed anyone in the race, but indicated some displeasure with the incumbent, Alan Gerson.

In an interview with The Villager, Mendez criticized Gerson for the role he played in the term-limits fight, dismissing the amendment that he and others tried advancing which would have put the issue on a ballot for voter referendum.

The amendment lost, and Gerson ended up voting to extend term limits. Gerson, and others like David Yassky, have tried to please their progressive, good-government backers by pointing to the failed referendum as proof they haven’t compromised their principles.

Some aren’t buying it.

“Alan…all I can say about that amendment is it was lame — and everyone knew it,” Mendez told the Villager.