Making Good on Moynihan

About that new Moynihan Station …

It sounds like Governor David Paterson might need an assist from Sen. Schumer—and anyone else he can muster in Washington—if he hopes to actually make good on that good news about Moynihan Station. Sunday’s announcement from the Governor was long on optimism, but short on specifics about how the project might be funded.

As Eliot Brown reports today, the new strategy for the long-discussed station is to break it down into “bite size chunks” instead of trying to instigate a “big bang,” and to seek federal stimulus funds to cover the $400 million budget shortfall.

Among other subsidies, the state has its eye on a chunk of the $8 billion dollars for high-speed rail included in the stimulus bill. One rather large problem: more than $103 billion in preliminary requests were submitted for that same $8 billion earlier this summer. But, as Brown notes, Sen. Schumer has backed the project and could be a serious ally in the Democratically-controlled Congress. Making Good on Moynihan