Morning News Digest: September 24, 2009

Ex-Linden official gets five years for bid scheme

A former Linden housing official who admitted orchestrating a bribery and bid-rigging scheme was sentenced to five years in prison yesterday by a federal judge who said a crime like this "gives New Jersey a bad name," prosecutors said. (Ryan, Star-Ledger)

The absence of a boss: the gubernatorial politics and the County of Middlesex

Dislodged from his seat of power and relegated now to a halfway house in Newark, former Middlesex County Democratic Party Chairman John Lynch sits in a landscape in which this gubernatorial contest unfolds and the candidate from his party fights for political survival. (Pizarro, PolitickerNJ)

Web video of councilwoman now fodder in Edison race

Go to YouTube if you want to find the first arrow fired in the Edison mayoral campaign. The clip is called "Mayor Candidate Says YES to PORNO!" It shows Councilwoman Antonia Ricigliano, the Democratic nominee for mayor, at a recent council meeting, mulling over whether to support an ordinance that protests a pornography convention set to take place in town this weekend. (Johnson, Star-Ledger)

Gov. Jon Corzine running against the not-so-great pretender

Back when I was a young lad, learning politics from wise men at Rutgers, I had a professor who was fond of quoting an aperçu of that great philosopher Kurt Vonnegut: "We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be." (Mulshine, Star-Ledger)

As U.S. Attorney, Christie bought, sold stock in company his office was investigating

Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie acknowledged today he bought and sold stock in a travel and real estate company while it was under investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office he led at the time. (Margolin, Star-Ledger)

Christie has distant family link to N.J. mob figure

For Christopher J. Christie, it was inescapably an uncomfortable family connection. Tino Fiumara, the brother of his aunt’s husband, was a fearsome and ranking member of the Genovese crime family: twice convicted of racketeering, sentenced to 25 years in federal prison, and linked by investigators to several grisly murders, including one in which a victim was strangled with piano wire. (Halfbinger/Kocieniewski, New York Times)

Web site’s folksy spin is classic Ferriero

The story of Joe Ferriero's decade-long dominance of Bergen politics always had an unusual, "man bites dog" element to it — few political figures have been as brazen, ambitious or as colorful. (Stile, The Record)

Corzine brings up Christie’s driving record in new ad

Governor Corzine’s campaign today released a new television ad highlighting Republican gubernatorial nominee Chris Christie’s driving record. (Friedman, PolitickerNJ)

Corzine: he’s ahead of health care curve

Health care is a top priority on the list of many politicians. President Barack Obama is pushing for his national health care plan, and his controversial reforms are also being debated in the state's gubernatorial race. (Scott, The Record)

See ya later, Pilgrim

Consider the high taxes and the rest of it, this really shouldn’t be a surprise. But, nearly 59 percent of Mayflower’s moves over the first nine months of 2009 in New Jersey were to relocate residents out of the state. (Ingle, Gannett) Morning News Digest: September 24, 2009