Morning Read: Bill de Blasio and John Liu

Bill de Blasio won with 63 percent of the vote, while John Liu won his race with 56 percent.

De Blasio got 138,736 votes, and Liu got 121,173 votes.

228,000 votes were cast and “Mayor Bloomberg will face two aggressive rivals taking swings at him through a likely third term.”

“We won this election in the streets,” said Liu.

Janison catches Sheldon Silver making a mayoral reference during Liu’s speech.

The Working Families Party’s field operation “will now turn its full attention to the Democratic mayoral contender,” wrote Michael Barbaro.

Nobody predicted de Blasio’s blowout, Aaron Naparstek nailed the comptroller’s race and Lew Fidler’s turnout prediction was the highest, and most accurate.

How bad was turnout? Jeff Klein “seemed eager to greet voters. But there were none to greet.”

Poll workers outnumbered voters in many areas, says Fermino and Haberman.

They were very bored.

Seifman calls the Working Families Party the biggest winners, and says get ready for de Blasio 2013.

The Epoch Times finds a conspiracy at the polls involving a voter named Liu.

A professor at Bill Thompson’s alma mater said he has to demonstrate he knows finances better than Bloomberg.

Pay parking meters by cell phone, Bloomberg suggests.

Here’s his plan.

Both sides say they may call on Hiram Monserrate’s girlfriend to testify at trial.

And a columnist in the Crimson writes about contradictory Bloomberg.

Morning Read: Bill de Blasio and John Liu