Morning Read: DA Candidates Attack, A Consultant Yawns

Patti Harris is going to work on the mayor’s campaign, and her alma mater is getting $1 million from the mayor to dedicate a building in her honor.

Cy Vance and Richard Aborn admitted to having once used cocaine.

Leslie Crocker Snyder said Eliot Spitzer wasn’t prosecuted because of the “old boys network.”

Vance said Michael Bloomberg should not have commented about the Plaxico Burress case.

After Snyder attacked Vance for defending a client who was appointed to him by the courts, he said, “I believe that is the job of a defense lawyer to protect people and to make sure the government proves its case. Now if you believe otherwise, you shouldn’t be running for this job.”

A wonky blogger defends Snyder for taking the endorsement of a victim whose alleged attacker she promised to investigate.

Spitzer tries shooting down rumors of his return, saying, “The only thing I’m running for is my cab.”

Spitzer now teaches at City College.

“This is the most boring primary season since 1993, when there was nothing on the ballot,” said Hank Sheinkopf.

Eric Gioia won a straw poll conducted by Democrats in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. (Other winners: Bill Thompson, John Liu and Cy Vance.)

A reader politely reminds me that de Blasio also backed extending term limits, which his mailer doesn’t address.

David Weprin and John Liu trade insults.

Mark Green goes on air with his first television ad.

The Daily News edit board recalls missteps by John Liu, Leslie Crocker Snyder and Richard Aborn.

When Michael Bloomberg’s plane was struck by a bird, he did not tell passengers Diana Taylor, Kevin Sheekey or Randi Weingarten.

Jerry Goldfeder says the governor of Massachusetts should appoint the senator there.

As flu season approaches, Bloomberg prepares for infection control and panic control.

‘Kung Flu.’

A smoking ban at playgrounds.

The Post edit board calls for Charlie Rangel to be removed as chairman of the Ways and Means Committee.

Aides to Nancy Pelosi say Rangel will keep the position.

“[I]f Medicare’s so good, why aren’t you on it?” Maria Bartiromo of CNBC asked Anthony Weiner, who is only 44.

The video is entertaining.

Ezra Klein has the transcript.

The lawsuit filed by the principal fired from the Khalil Gibran International Academy was dismissed.

Why does the money-losing OTB need so many vehicles? bought

And here’s video of Leslie Crocker Snyder yesterday saying she hopes being the only woman in the Manahttan district attorney race works to her advantage.

Morning Read: DA Candidates Attack, A Consultant Yawns