Morning Read: Primary Day

Michael Bloomberg’s administration eyes a ban on smoking in public parks.

“We don’t think our children should have to be watching someone smoke,” the city health commissioner said.

Some predictions for today’s primaries spill out on Twitter.

A writer at votes for David Yassky because “I’m voting for the person most likely to end the Democratic drought at City Hall in 2013.”

The Manhattan DA candidates sound like they’re coming from Nancy Pelosi’s district, says Henry Stern.

Stop mailing stuff to Clyde Haberman.

Sam Roberts finds the conundrum in today’s primaries.

Low turnout, the Daily News predicts.

Anybody not quote Jerry Skurnick today in their story about low voter turnout?

Oliver Kopell “said he doesn’t believe in public referendums, like the two that implemented the city’s term limits – which he also opposes,” writes Bob Kappstatter.

Local endorsements: “I don’t like Mr. Koppell, and I’m not alone, but his defeat would result in a significant reduction in the Council’s aggregate IQ, and that is just too high a price to pay,” Gatemouth writes.

Gatemouth also writes that the race for Yassky’s seat is between three candidates. The other four are campaigning in the Land of Oz.

Charles Hynes is investigating ACORN.

Power lunch: Obama ate capellini with shrimp and clams. Clinton had European sea bass.

The Post edit board responds to Charlie Rangel’s rant.

A Bloomberg critic is blocked from the top two spots on the Panel for Education Policy.

Eliot Spitzer has advice about reforming the financial system.

Read blogs, newspaper-style, thanks to Google.

The site is here.

Watch how the Times candidates today.

To see Eric Gioia vote, wake up early.

Morning Read: Primary Day