Morning Read: Pushing Term Limits, Asian Power

Here’s a profile of Bill Thompson saying he’s a nice guy.

Thompson said voters are “not going to forget the person who led the charge” on term limits.

Errol Louis says term limits was unquestionably the motivating factor on Tuesday.

Term limits fueled a general anti-incumbency feeling, says Buettner and Rivera.

Sam Roberts looks at the reverse drop-off.

Asian-Americans flex their muscle and John Liu wonders about 2013.

What happened to Christine Quinn’s base, asks Frank Lombardi.

Jimmy Carter called to congratulate Cy Vance.

Eric Gioia will go off and make money, according to Cindy Adams.

Maria Baez had a strong field operation.

Kendall Stewart and Maritza Davilla are still not conceding.

Hello, Ydanis Rodriguez.

Tom Suozzi won’t debate on television.

Embattled Nassau County legislator Roger Corbin lost, bigtime.

Electile Dysfunction.”

And here’s video of Hakeem Jeffries’ speech at Thompson’s victory party on primary night. Morning Read: Pushing Term Limits, Asian Power