Morning Read: Run-Offs

Bill Thompson’s fund-raising is “struggling badly,” writes Sara Kugler.

Michael Bloomberg will release his annual mayor’s management report today, as reporters check out the run-off.

Bloomberg doesn’t want you having sugary drinks, like the ones in the lobby of the health department.

Bloomberg’s contract with the U.F.T. will determine whether his third term is bold or listless, writes Thomas Carroll.

Clyde Haberman wishes for better turnout for today's run-offs, and notes every man elected comptroller has run for mayor.

Mark Green had no plans to campaign after sundown yesterday, but David Yassky did.

John Liu criticized Yassky for running negative ads.

The Times says vote Yassky and de Blasio.

The Daily News says go with Yassky and Green.

Just vote, since we’re paying for the election anyway, says Jen Chung.

Vito Fossella on a comeback tour?

Rory Lancman defends ACORN.

David Paterson learned of the White House displeasure with him from a reporter, his wife says.

Bob Kappstatter has a winners and losers list.

A former NYC cop who ran for sheriff in Westchester was fined for forging signature petitions.

City Hall News very kindly puts me in some esteemed company.

Also: which rising star next to Liz Benjamin got erased?

UPDATE: No one got erased from the list, I’m told: “An eager person just got himself into two photos” and was removed from one of them. Morning Read: Run-Offs