Morning Read: The Bloomberg Party

Michael Bloomberg will hold a party on primary night, right when Bill Thompson would be celebrating his primary victory over Tony Avella.

David Seifman has more details on Bloomberg’s plane being hit by birds.

Bill de Blasio’s mailer featuring his wife, who is black, has Charles Barron angry.

Charles Barron called it “disgraceful to the black community.”

Gay City News endorsed Richard Aborn, John Liu and Bill de Blasio (the Working Families Party slate!).

Maggie Haberman said yesterday’s C.F.B. ruling about the Working Families Party has the biggest impact on de Blasio.

Jo Anne Simon hits Steve Levy for his ties to Vito Lopez.

Josh Skaller said Brad Lander got illegal help from the W.F.P.

Melinda Katz said she’d cut her salary as comptroller by 10 percent. Her rivals wouldn’t.

The Post edit board has kind words for Bill Thompson because of his reaction to Post writing about his marital life.

Joel Klein is tempered in his response to a glowing review of city schools.

How difficult were those tests?

A cartoonist imagines Eliot Spitzer’s classroom.

After promising in a hand-written note not to attack Robert Morgenthau, Leslie Crocker Snyder attacked Robert Morgenthau.

Scott Stringer will endorse Cy Vance and Alan Gerson.

Christine Quinn does have a campaign web site.

“Quinn, despite her flaws, is simply the best candidate in the race,” writes the Villager’s edit board.

Rock Hackshaw gets an endorsement.

Lawmakers who got help from ACORN gave public money to groups run by ACORN.

Steve Levy helped create an anti-immigrant climate in Suffolk, according to a report from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Here is the report. [pdf]

Charlie Rangel said there was a “prejudice” against Barack Obama blocking his health care reform.

“They have been messaging the public option as if Sybil has been in charge,” Anthony Weiner said of the White House.

Nita Lowey said a single-payer plan won’t pass this Congress.

A socialist blogs about Yvette Clarke’s town hall meeting on health care.

Nicholas Kristof writes “the biggest weakness of private industry is not inefficiency but unfairness,” and argues for Obamacare.

And NYU College Democrats look for interns for Brad Lander, Alan Gerson, and Jon Corzine. Morning Read: The Bloomberg Party