Morning Read, Upstate: Counties’ Dismay, Paterson’s Aide

The New Bronx Chamber of Commerce rejected pork sent to it by State Senator Pedro Espada Jr.

David Paterson took a not-so-veiled shot at Andrew Cuomo and his pursuit of A.I.G. bonuses, saying "I agree we should beat up on AIG, but every time we get rid of bonuses New York state loses tax money."

One of Paterson's closest advisers may live out of state.

Over half of New York's voters could vote for Eliot Spitzer again, a poll finds.

The Post thinks he should stay in the classroom and out of elected office.

Sheldon Silver doesn't think legislators should come back to Albany until leaders hammer out a deficit deal.

County executives want to make sure that hole isn’t filled at their expense.

The F.A.A. proposed tighter restrictions for aircraft flying over the Hudson.

Elected officials, including Representative Jerry Nadler, called them "fundamentally inadequate."

New York's public authorities have increased their debt load by 16 percent in the last five years, to $140 billion.

Prosecutors says donor Hassan Nemazee defrauded one bank to pay another.

Another "draft Rudy" movement, this one bipartisan.

Assemblyman Frank Skartados said he doesn't want any more fee increases.

Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava, a Congressional candidate, said she has an "intimate understanding of how the federal budget affects the state budget."

Jerry Jennings and Corey Ellis, vying to become mayor of Albany, met for a debate. organized a vigil outside of Representative Scott Murphy's office.

Representative Collin Petersen, the chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, joined Representative Eric Massa in Big Flats.

Representative Chris Lee says Congress is currently "mortgaging the future."

And below, a video from Buffalo where the kick-off for a chicken wing celebration was tinged with political humor: Morning Read, Upstate: Counties’ Dismay, Paterson’s Aide