Morning Read, Upstate: Cuomo Will Release State Police Report

Andrew Cuomo will release a report saying there was no rogue unit in the State Police.

But one former supervisor, Daniel Wiese, exerted an outsize influence.

Cuomo had breakfast recently with Assemblyman Denny Farrell.

State legislators can, and do, spend their campaign cash on pretty much anything.

Assemblywoman Rhoda Jacobs had her campaign committee pay for an apartment in Albany, and also collected per diem expenses.

Another analysis finds that legislators almost always vote with their leaders.

Rudy Giuliani said on Meet the Press that he's "still thinking" about a run for statewide office.

The New York Power Authority logged a lot of taxpayer-funded air miles.

Changes are coming to the Workers Compensation Board.

It will take decades to redevelop ground zero.

The ethics bill before the State Senate will require lobbyists to disclose more business relationships.

Even though a special election hasn't been called, the campaign to replace John McHugh in Congress is in full swing.

Dough Hoffman, the Conservative designee, says he opposes the Employee Free Choice Act.

Hackett's Hardware, a business linked to the Scozzafava family, is closing a jewelry store.

Joe Biden will stop in Syracuse and attend a fund-raiser for Representative Dan Maffei.

Nassau County Republicans are mad about the scope of an expanded red-light camera program.

Nicole Gelinas thinks subsidies to buy housing are a bad idea.

Chuck Schumer is pushing for $1.9 million in dairy subsidies.

And below, Rudy Giuliani on Meet the Press this Sunday: Morning Read, Upstate: Cuomo Will Release State Police Report