Morning Read, Upstate: Dicker for Cox

A special session Thursday will be a test of Democratic leadership in the State Senate.

More anonymous sources are confirming that Andrew Cuomo didn't find a rogue unit in the State Police.

Bradley Smith says that ethics restructuring before the Senate amounts to "micromanaging" of lobbyists.

Fred Dicker praised Ed Cox as "a latter-day Powers–who at first appears right out of the Rockefeller-era mold," and trashes Henry Wojtaszek as a tool of the "gang of six."

Support is growing for a constitutional convention.

Before Joe Bruno resigned, some second graders successfully lobbied him for $35,000 for a playground.

Joe Biden will be joined by Tim Geithner and Arne Duncan in Syracuse.

The Fulton Street transit hub will cost an additional $40 million.

Senator Ted Kennedy's campaign money will be disbursed by his family.

Colin Powell endorsed Michael Bloomberg.

Thom Kleiner, a candidate for Rockland County executive, wants mandate relief from the state.

Assemblyman Bill Parment wants to trade counties' Medicaid costs for sales tax revenues.

Representative Eliot Engel is behind a public option for health care.

Representative Mike Arcuri still hasn't decided.

Chuck Schumer won't have any health care town halls.

Debate over the issue colored the Labor Day parade in Buffalo.

And it's the subject of this video, put together by the National Republican Congressional Committee, below:

Morning Read, Upstate: Dicker for Cox