Morning Read, Upstate: Paterson Says Lots of Things

David Paterson blamed Andrew Cuomo for the whole Obama thing.

His wife Michelle Paige Paterson said the intervention was "very unfair."

Sources tell Fred Dicker that Paterson is blaming Cuomo in private, too.

Then, in a speech, Paterson declared: "I did not sign up for this. I wanted to be lieutenant governor. I had this grand plan that Hillary Clinton was going to become president. Maybe the governor would appoint me to the Senate."

He then hinted, when asked, that he might not run: "I think if I got to a point where I thought my candidacy was hurting my party, obviously it would be rather self-absorbed to go forward."

(Paterson has also shaved his mustache.)

Paterson said New York's mid-year budget deficit could grow to $3 billion.

And, the Post says, "no one has a clue what to do."

Legislative leaders met yesterday, but a slow and unclear path was all they charted.

Taxing the rich, apparently, isn't working so well.

A doctor testified that it took 40 stitches to patch up the face of Hiram Monserrate's girlfriend.

Rick Lazio continued his campaign for governor in Rochester.

Tom DiNapoli signed an order ending "pay-to-play" with the state pension fund.

Andrew Spano and Rob Astorino debated for Westchester County executive.

Chuck Schumer urged the public service commission to reject a rate increase.

State governments have to account for stimulus-created jobs by October 10.

Representative Scott Murphy secured $70,000 for a start-up radio station.

And below, Michelle Paige Paterson talking about Barack Obama: Morning Read, Upstate: Paterson Says Lots of Things