Morning Read, Upstate: Two Views of Cuomo

On Meet the Press, David Paterson insisted he is running for governor.

Paterson wants New York voters to decide his future, saying "I'm blind, but I'm not oblivious."

Mike Lupica is confident he'll eventually quit that race.

E.J. McMahon wants him to start acting like the governor, and wants to see his plan to fix the deficit.

Fred Dicker quotes a "Democrat who has frequent contact with the governor" that says Paterson won't serve out his term.

"It would behoove the White House to throw all of their support behind Billy," Assemblyman Keith Wright, a Thompson supporter, told Liz. "If they're getting involved in local politics, that's where we really need them.

A profile of Andrew Cuomo, family man.

A profile of Andrew Cuomo, phoenix.

He'll be keynoting the Democratic dinner in Sullivan County next month.

Chuck Schumer will push for a public option.

Taxing the rich might have backfired.

Gambling revenues are erratic, Jim Odato warns.

A look at how stimulus money is flowing.

Troy officials are investigating a raft of absentee ballot forgeries.'

Steve Pigeon is accused, again, of violating campaign finance laws.

The race to replace John McHugh in Congress is a statistical dead heat.

The family of Ron Stafford endorsed Dede Scozzafava.

William Safire, 79.

Representative Carolyn Maloney's husband died while mountaineering.

The Schenectady chapter of ACORN is still alive and kicking.

Representative Brian Higgins toured ECR.

Rochester Republicans want a better whistle-blower law.

And below, a clip from David Paterson's office saying you should never give up:

Morning Read, Upstate: Two Views of Cuomo