Neighbors Hate Fun, as Usual

The problem with opening a precious nightspot (the Jane Ballroom) in a precious neighborhood (the West Village) is that sometimes your precious neighbors will lodge noise complaints. This is what the Jane Street Block Association did when they felt the Ballroom had exceeded the hotel-liquor-license bounds of “background music only,” reports Guest of a Guest. According to the Association’s newsletter, the Janestreeter:

The hotel is operating a noisy nightclub, with amplified music audible to neighbors well into the early morning hours. Unruly crowds spilling onto the sidewalk and honking taxi horns add to the problem.

It’s getting harder to party with taxidermied animals unmolested.

The Jane, whose proprietor told the Times he based the decor off the sets of Wes Anderson movies, quickly became a hit this summer–hence that amplified music in the early morning hours. But bear in mind that this is an establishment that proudly offers rooms the size of ship berths: should it be any surprise that trendiness comes at the expense of comfort? Neighbors Hate Fun, as Usual