Not Much to See (If You’re Us!) at Bergdorf Goodman on Fashion’s Night Out

If you were one of the hundreds of people stuck on the corner of 59th Street and 5th Avenue trying to get into Bergdorf Goodman last night, don’t worry: the people inside the store didn’t see much more than you did.

The department store had a series of events scheduled throughout the night. Unfortunately, only a lucky handful of people were actually able to partake in them.

As the Transom approached the store at 5:40 p.m. (a mere 10 minutes after the first event was supposed to start), Zac Posen, who was reported to be decorating the street windows, was already on his way out. Wearing a white blazer, a gray t-shirt with a smiley face, and a tiara, the designer, however, was more than happy to linger and take pictures with adoring fans.

Still, it’s possible that the only reason Mr. Posen was within sight at all was because he was outside the parameters of the Bergdorf security guards.

When the Transom eventually made its way inside the building and up to the chic fifth floor, there were more screams and flashing lights. Suddenly, designer Alexander Wang came into view, but only for a moment. The designer was wearing and promoting his new t-shirt line. 

While the night was designed to get people back into the stores and shopping again, it looked like only one of those tasks was being accomplished at Bergdorf’s. There were thousands of people in Bergdorf Goodman, but there certainly wasn’t a line to get into a dressing room.

It is rumored that the Olsen twins were serving drinks to shoppers on the seventh floor, but only about 30 people would actually know. The only thing the Transom saw was a line that practically wrapped around the entire floor, a big wooden door, and a few intimidating security guards. Some girls, who begged and pleaded to get in,  were so persistent that they had to be physically escorted out of the hallway.

The Transom was able to catch a view of them thanks to one lucky person that exited the restaurant carrying a large camera. The twins appeared to be wearing all black and had a full staff behind them to mix and pour the beverages while they simply handed them out. (We suppose MK and Ashley can’t add bartender to their never-ending resume!)

Down on the first floor, Victoria Beckham was apparently signing t-shirts. (BTW, why only t-shirts, everyone? Get some glamour!) However, the Transom stood in line for over 20 minutes and never moved an inch toward the front. When the crowds’ screams became even louder, it was clear that the British phenomenon was on the move. Unfortunately for her, but fortunately for us, her only way out was directly through the sea of people. And while her bodyguards tried to clear a path, not even Moses’ magic stick could have moved this crowd. We caught a glance of a strapless black and orange mini dress and heavy black eye liner, but then she was gone. And so was the Transom.

Not Much to See (If You’re Us!) at Bergdorf Goodman on Fashion’s Night Out