One Gioia Arrives, Another Gioia Asks for Support

Here’s Eric Gioia’s videotaped message about the birth of his daughter, which includes a shot at his two leading opponents, Mark Green and Bill de Blasio. In the video, Gioia also says he won’t be out campaigning today, and therefore, needs your help.

“Right now, I planned on being at a subway stop, shaking hands with voters as they went to work in the morning,” he says, with the words “Labor Delivery” written on the wall behind him. “But sometimes, plans change.”

Right after saying he’s taking time off the trail “to get to know my daughter a little bit better on her first day here on Earth,” Gioia explains, “that’s why I need your help more than ever. As you know, I’m running for public advocate against two, long-time political insiders.”

Side note: Campaigning for citywide office with an extremely pregnant poses some obvious logistical challenges. Perhaps uncoincidentally, Gioia’s entire public schedule except for four hours over the course of Saturday, Sunday and today, was in his home borough of Queens.

With the exception four hours on Saturday, Gioia was only campaigning all day Saturday, Sunday and Monday in Queens.

One Gioia Arrives, Another Gioia Asks for Support