Open Food-Court Nachos Expensive, Tasty

Last year, we leaped over one Open culinary hurdle: the Indian food. And it wasn’t half bad, as Jon Wertheim had predicted. This heartened us, and we decided to broaden our horizons. Mexican, anyone? Now we were in uncharted territory, working without the coveted Wertheim recommendation.

Fresca Mexicana is way, waayy at the end of the food court. The only thing further, in fact, is the simply named Sushi (our courage still isn’t there yet). We stepped up, and were asked for our order. No, it wouldn’t be just ordinary nachos for us. We wanted the Ultimate Nachos, with chicken. Priced at $10, the platter of chips is piled with black beans, cheese, sour cream, jalapenos, and salsa. And a lot of chicken, making this one of the better food deals at the Open.

Something smelled a bit off: was the sour cream a bit more sour than usual? We did the sensible thing and ate it all in about five minutes to find out. Hey, we were hungry. But everything tasted just fine. The cheese was thick and unctuous. The beans were perfectly cooked. The salsa was spicy and a little smoky. The chicken wasn’t half bad. A success! We overheard a man at another table describing the food at the Open as “surprisingly good,” and we have to say, we agree. Open Food-Court Nachos Expensive, Tasty