Opening This Weekend: Movies You May Actually Want to See!

Don’t be confused by what you see on Fandango: there are actually a bunch of movies possibly worth seeing this weekend. September starts to come out of the doldrums today with four films hitting theaters, and, as usual, there is something for everyone. As we do every Friday, here’s a handy guide to the new releases.

Jennifer’s Body

What’s the story: Here’s a movie we should probably be more excited about. From writer Diablo Cody comes a horror-comedy-satire about a high school queen bee (the vapid Megan Fox) who gets possessed by the devil and has to feast on teenage boys to survive. Honest to blog! Unfortunately, the reviews have been spotty, with most questioning director Karyn Kusama’s decision to make the final half of the film so straightforward. Whatever, we’ll probably still see it, just to watch Adam Brody (Seth Cohen for life!) trade in his Penguin polo shirts for guyliner as the lead singer of a Panic At the Disco!-like band.

Who should see it: Juno.

The Informant!

What’s the story: Now this is a movie we’re legitimately excited about! Steven Soderbergh takes Mark Whitacre’s real life account of being a whistle blower for the F.B.I. and turns it into an absurdist comedy starring Matt Damon (who gained 30 pounds for the role). The trailer for this thing is laugh-out-loud funny—only those made of stone wouldn’t laugh at Mr. Damon calling himself “0014” because he’s “twice as good as 007”—and reviews have been on the good side of positive. The Informant! looks like the type of populist film that Mr. Soderbergh does best. If only he would have been allowed to do something similar with Moneyball.

Who should see it: Amy Pascal.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

What’s the story: Based on the popular children’s book, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs tells the story of a town where all food falls from the heavens like rain (hence the title). As is usually the case with animated films, Meatballs has a pretty talented and hilarious vocal cast. Among them: Bill Hader, Anna Faris, Andy Samberg, Will Forte, Neil Patrick Harris, James Caan and… Mr. T? We wonder if he’ll get the opportunity to talk about staying in school. Fingers crossed!

Who should see it:Sam Champion.

Love Happens

What’s the story: Does Hollywood have a bottomless pit of generic romantic comedies to foist upon us, the beleaguered audience? You know, don’t answer that. Love Happens (even the title doesn’t try) follows a widower-turned-self-help-guru (Aaron Eckhart) who finds love in the form of Jennifer Aniston’s florist. Not even Judy Greer—in the typical “Judy Greer role”—can make us want to see this thing. That being said, it can’t possibly be as bad as All About Steve.

Who should see it: Brad Pitt.

Opening This Weekend: Movies You May Actually Want to See!