Paterson Maintains State Police Rumors Merited an Investigation

David Paterson said that he felt rumors of a rogue element within the state police "merited an investigation" amid reports that the investigation found there was no such unit.

"I don't know whether it matters what I think," Paterson told reporters in Brooklyn before marching in the West Indian Day parade. "I asked the attorney general to investigate it, and I'll leave that to him. I was concerned that there might be—in other words, I didn't have any proof, it was just conversations I had with legislators, some rather bizarre events that seemed to take place—and I thought that it merited an investigation, and I think the attorney general would confirm that it did merit an investigation."

He added: "It may or may not be that group. Perhaps there isn't one. But I think there was certainly enough indications of something that created a threshold for that investigation."

In 2008, Paterson said on live radio that "there was obviously an element in the police force—and it wasn't Republican or Democrat—it was just out-of-control people who had power that were clearly monitoring a lot of the elected officials."

He cited it as a reason that he disclosed marital infidelities publicly, and then asked Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to look into the matter. Cuomo will reportedly release a report on the topic this week.

Paterson Maintains State Police Rumors Merited an Investigation