Paterson’s Praise of Those Who Campaign Against Long Odds

Steve Kornacki is up with a column calling the White House move against David Paterson gratuitously heavy-handed and counterproductive, given what he describes as the inevitability of Paterson bowing out of the race next year.

The only thing for Paterson to do now is cast his lot with those who soldier on with campaigns despite long odds, finding common cause, as he did on Friday (before word broke about the White House’s intervention) by endorsing Bill Thompson for mayor.

At the event, Paterson said Thompson “demonstrated the courage not to get out of the field” and has “not bowed down or gotten out of the race because of the urgings of small-minded politicians.”

Paterson, ironically it seems now, also tried tying Obama’s fortunes to the political battles in New York. Unfortunately for Paterson, Obama does see himself tied to what happens in New York, but it’s not Thompson’s campaign that is worrying him.

“In these turbulent times, both locally and nationally, it will be of major significance that President Barack Obama receive a boost that will arise from an impressive Democratic victory right here in New York City,” Paterson said.

Paterson’s Praise of Those Who Campaign Against Long Odds