Pay Talks Go On (and On) at the Times

Bill Keller says there’s “no clear evidence” that a web site pay model can save newspapers. But at this point, Times sources tell the Observer, the real question isn’t whether to charge but how to charge. Per article? Based on a metering system? A membership system?

From John Koblin’s story:

“In the end, I think it will come down to a gut call about what we think the audience will accept and how we think the market will evolve,” said Bill Keller to The Observer in an email. “Everybody wants it to be a well-informed, well-considered gut call, but it’s a gut call.”

That gut call would be found in the insides of Mr. Sulzberger and Janet Robinson

Arthur Sulzberger’s “state of the Times” meeting today probably won’t provide an answer, but at least it won’t be boring.

UPDATE: Koblin discussed the Times situation this afternoon on CNBC–watch the video here.

Pay Talks Go On (and On) at the Times