Port Authority PBA backs Corzine

The Port Authority Police Benevolent Association today endorsed Democrat Jon Corzine for a second term as Governor.

"Governor Corzine is committed to representing the needs of our members," said PAPBA President Gus Danese. "From protecting our pensions to seeking the stimulus dollars that will keep the men and women in blue safe, this Governor stands with us."

Corzine, his campaign says, contributed more than $3.2 billion into the public pension system and has worked to secure federal stimulus funds that will be used for port safety.

"These brave men and women work selflessly to keep New Jerseyans safe. Law enforcement officers are working class New Jerseyans who deserve the best that state government can offer," Governor Corzine said. "This administration will continue to work to make sure we live up to that expectation." Port Authority PBA backs Corzine