Primary Voters Literally Unmoved by Thompson

Is Bill Thompson really this uncompelling?

According to the unofficial totals on, more votes were cast in the comptroller (354,293) and public advocate (347,293) races than in the mayor’s race (311,491). If that number holds, it means more than ten percent of the tiny fraction of voters who deigned to show up for yesterday’s primary — all registered Democrats — were so utterly unmoved by Mr. Thompson that they didn’t physically move to mark a mayoral preference, even after they were already in the voting booth.

Choire Sicha has some advice, in the form of a long motivational letter to Mr. Thompson that’s up on The Awl today.

Tear some shit up. YOU HEAR ME? Don’t be cautious. Enter a pie-eating contest. Start making fun of Eric Gioia on Twitter. Or Perez. Get photographed at lunch with Tina Fey. It is not 1985! You have to be a character in our imagination. We have to know who you are, and conceive of you in our minds. We have a cartoon idea of Bloomberg in our heads; he’s the little annoying dude who can’t shake that horrible accent who gets driven around in a black Suburban. Who the hell are you?

Azi Paybarah has Thompson’s response to the bad numbers over at Politicker, and he sounds unconcerned. Unfortunately, no one asked him Mr. Sicha’s question.

Primary Voters Literally Unmoved by Thompson