Rain Cramping Saturday’s Style, Too [UPDATE]

Play is once again suspended due to rain, threatening both women’s semifinals. The zambonis were out briefly, but then the drizzle got a wee bit fiercer and they were called off. The one iota of happy news for the USTA, though, is that the Nadal-Gonzalez quarterfinal got in just under the wire.

Weather.com predicts a mid-afternoon dip in the chance of rain–the window when the forecast is “cloudy” is about 3-6 p.m.–so that may bode well for the Wickmayer-Wozniacki match, but by 8 p.m. we are back to “showers,” so Clijsters-Williams is looking iffy at best. Weather Underground, for what it’s worth, is much more doubtful about the whole day.

We’ll keep you apprised and updated and full of precipitatory information!

UPDATE, 3:05 p.m.: Saying that their forecast called for “passing showers,” tournament director Jim Curley said he expected to finish both women’s semifinals today, and did not give a sense of what plans would be if those matches were not completed. He and USTA Executive Director Gordon Smith addressed the issue of a roof for Arthur Ashe Stadium, saying that they would both “love” a roof and that plans have been drawn up for evaluation, but that the justification was uncertain at best for the $100 million (or higher) cost of a feature that would be used so rarely when the USTA’s mission is to reinvest its revenues in grassroots development of tennis.

UPDATE, 4:54 p.m.: The women’s doubles semifinal and the men’s doubles final have both been postponed until tomorrow. The USTA is still planning on playing both women’s singles semifinals, “when conditions permit.” It’s still drizzling very slightly.

UPDATE, 5:58 p.m.: It has really, truly (and maybe temporarily!) stopped raining/drizzling/misting. There are some USTA guys on the court at Ashe, but no zambonis yet.

UPDATE, 6:00 p.m.: There’s just been an announcement that the Wickmeyer-Wozniacki final has been moved to Armstrong, to begin as soon as conditions permit. There seems to be some activity both there and on Ashe, but real drying hasn’t begun.

UPDATE, 6:13 p.m.: Let the drying commence! On Armstrong, that is. The slow-moving little drying carts are out, and the crowd from Ashe is filing in, expecting to see some tennis in the nearish future.

UPDATE, 7:29 p.m.: Well, that was nice while it lasted. Just when the court was totally dry, it began to rain again, and now there’s a steady drizzle. Rain Cramping Saturday’s Style, Too [UPDATE]