Report: Journalism Is Not a Growth Industry

In the last year, journalism jobs have disappeared at almost three times the rate seen across the economy. According to a report released by Unity: Journalists of Color, there has been “an average 22% increase from month to month in journalism jobs lost from September 2008 through August 2009,” compared to 8 percent across the board.

But let us not end the day on that note. Here’s an NPR interview with Nat Benchley, who has written a book called The Lost Algonquin Round Table. The book includes a poem called “Journalism” by Franklin Pierce Adams, and Benchley reads it aloud:

Mr. BENCHLEY: “Journalism’s a shrew and a scold. I like her. She makes you sick, she makes you old. I like her. She’s daily trouble, storm and strife. She’s love and hate, and death and life. She ain’t no lady. She is my wife. I like her.”

Host Liane Hansen calls the poem “kind of interesting today with so many newspapers folding.” Report: Journalism Is Not a Growth Industry