Russian Oligarch Details Atlantic Yards Bid On Live Journal

That Russian oligarch, Mikhail Prokhorov, who might buy into the Nets and Atlantic Yards? He has a Live Journal blog.

And he updated today, with a post about the deal. Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn (an opponent of the project, it should always be noted) ran it through Google Translator. Some highlights:

Everyone, greetings!

All of a sudden realized that well for a long time did not write anything, and this is the reason – the last months at work was an enormous amount of routine, and somehow there was an interesting occasion….

The most interesting thing about this project, I learned from the newspapers, as well as the fact that I accept active part in it! And what was the surprise when a few days after publication in the press on our team left the shareholders with the actual offer to discuss possible collaboration!

Then it gets kind of interesting. It seems that Mr. Prokhorov’s interest in the project–at least how he’s playing it in the Russian press, and by press I mean Live Journal–is that it would lead to better basketball in Russia, not Brooklyn.

Our group participated in such a complex project clearly interested only in the case of the use of technology for the systematic development of NBA basketball in Russia.

He writes that he submitted a “counter-proposal,” and summarizes it this way:

Commercial terms:
– ONEXIM extend credit to build a new arena in Brooklyn secured a substantial stake in the project.
– Controlling the team the New Jersey goes to the group for a symbolic price.
– Under the deal the group will attract a similar loan to western banks (I think, if successful, the deal will simply unique!).

Qualitative criteria:
– Russia will receive an equal place in the elite world of basketball.
– Access to all the modern technologies and training techniques with the ability to use them in Russia.
– Placement of Russia’s leading coaches and managers in the NBA.
– Send the best students in the training camps for the NBA.

Not sure how Bruce Ratner can guarantee Russia receives an “equal place in the elite world of basketball,” but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Reuters is reporting it as a “takeover bid,” with the Live Journal entry as confirmation.

Russian Oligarch Details Atlantic Yards Bid On Live Journal