Skelos Urges Wojtaszek Supporters to Stand Down

ALBANY—Senate Minority Leader Dean Skelos is now making personal calls to supporters of Henry Wojtaszek, urging them to bring the race for the Republican Party’s state chairmanship to a conclusion, according to Republican sources.

The calls went to Wojtaszek's dwindling group of supporters. Skelos' action came after Onondaga and Herkimer Counties endorsed Wojtaszek's rival Ed Cox, and as some of Wojtaszek's supporters softened to the idea of him entering into some kind of power-sharing agreement with Cox. Skelos has been backing Cox since Joe Mondello, the current chairman, announced he wouldn't seek reelection.

"The best scenario would find a way to bring everybody together and have Henry be involved, and I think Cox's people would be open to that in helping to rebuild the party," said a source close to Skelos. Skelos Urges Wojtaszek Supporters to Stand Down