Source: Saratoga Will Flip to Cox

ALBANY—Saratoga County, one of the last bastions where the Republican chairman has been supportive of Henry Wojtaszek to lead the state Republican Party, is moving toward supporting Ed Cox for the position, according to a well-placed Republican source.

"It's time to end this and unite the party," the source said. An announcement could come as soon as tomorrow.

Jasper Nolan, the county party's chairman, had backed Wojtaszek because he believed that more needed to be done to ensure upstaters had a voice in the party. Wojtaszek is from Niagara County and Cox is from Manhattan.

Saratoga County has been the unofficial leader of other counties in the Capital Region which have backed Wojtaszek, including Washington, Warren and Schenectady. (Rensselaer and Albany counties have backed Cox.) It's unclear if these other counties would take a cue from Saratoga.

Last week, Nolan hinted that his support might be malleable.

UPDATE: After this went up, a Republican source affiliated with Cox called to say that Lewis and Manhattan counties are expected to announce their support this afternoon. That would put the chair of almost every county on record supporting Cox.

Source: Saratoga Will Flip to Cox