State Cars Revoked?

ALBANY—The Budget Division yesterday posted a notice on its Web site saying that agency commissioners would have their state cars revoked, but then the announcement was quickly taken down, according to a reader who saw the notice.

Matt Anderson, a spokesman for the Budget Division, acknowledged that a semi-regular policy bulletin was accidentally posted yesterday, but refused to talk about details of its contents. He said the posting was the result of a ministerial error.

"An early draft of the vehicle policy bulletin was inadvertently posted," Anderson said. "A finalized bulletin should be issued shortly, and we'll be providing more information at that time."

The state is currently staring at a $2.1 billion midyear budget imbalance. David Paterson has called legislative leaders to a meeting in Albany next Wednesday, but has not publicly released a plan to bridge the revenue gap.

Anderson would neither confirm nor deny whether car use will be curtailed or revoked.

State Cars Revoked?