State Senate Sets Agenda for 9/10

ALBANY—The State Senate just released its "initial draft" legislative agenda for Thursday's special session. There's more meaty stuff here than when they last returned.

It includes the Green Jobs / Green Homes act (advocated by the Working Families Party, among others), a residential parking system for the City of Albany, a bill to create more family courts, the nomination of Jay Walder to lead the M.T.A. and a piece of ethics legislation that passed the Assembly.

The full agenda is below.


Jay Walder, Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Conrad Lower, Workers Compensation Board

James Wrynn, Jr. Insurance Superintendent

David Mack, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey



Bullet Aid Resolution

Capital Reallocation Resolution

Public Protection Budget Resolution 

Red Book Resolution




S6064/A9032 (Squadron/Silver)

Ethics Reform Chapter Amendment (Sampson)–Bill number not yet assigned


Green Jobs/Green Homes NY:

S5888/A9801 (Aubertine/Silver)

S6032/A9031 (Aubertine/Cahill)-Chapter Amendment to S5888/A9801


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Timothy's law):

S185/A4572 (Morahan/Rivera)


Parking in the City of Albany:

S396/A1039 (Breslin/McEneny)


Air quality protection:

S1145A/A8642 (Perkins/Sweeney)


Support for NY Farms:

S1329/A4277 (Serrano/Cook)


County Clerk Pay:

S2190/A5643 (Golden/Farrell)


Election Law Reform:

S2443B/A1002-C (Stewart-Cousins/Paulin)


Credit/Debit Protections:

S2550/A7674-A (Diaz/Kavanaugh)


Off Track Betting Corporation:

S2595/A6916 (Adams/Pretlow)


Tenant Protection:

S2642A/ A1685A (Squadron/Lopez)

S2493/A2002 (Klein/Silver)


Interstate Compact:

S3022/A8183 (Adams/Pretlow)


Consumer protection:

S3141A/6933A (Monserrate/Pheffer)


Access to Prenatal Services:

S3257A/A8397A (Duane/Gottfried)


Life Settlements:

S3655A/A7131A (Breslin/Morelle)


Climate Protection (Global Warming Pollution Control Act):

S4315/A7572 (Thompson/Sweeney)


Town Court Mergers:

S4375/A7782  (Griffo/Scozzafava)


Humane Destruction of Animals:

S4962B/A999B (Oppenheimer/Paulin)


Support for Volunteer Firefighters:

S4982/A2733A (Foley/Sweeney)


Bioscience Database:

S5419/A7229 (Stachowski/Schimminger)


Temporary Housing Assistance:

S5605A Squadron/A8353D Wright


Ban on Airport Hustling:

S5643/A4552-A (Dilan/Aubry)


Hospital Closure Planning Act:

S5802A/A8461C (Huntley/Lancman)


Office of General Services Sale of Land in the Town of Lansing

S5908a/A8971 (Nozzolio/Lifton)


Powers of Attorney Technical Corrections:

S5910/A8392A (Onorato/Weinstein)


Mortgage Fraud:

S5931B Klein/A8917A Weinstein


Family Court Judges Expansion:

S5968/A8957 (Sampson/Weinstein)


Female Inmate Rehabilitation Programs

S5993/A4809A (Hassell-Thompson/Weinstein)


Child Protections:

S6091/A5080 (Diaz/Lentol)


Aggravated Interference with Health Care:

S6112/A8924 (Parker/Hoyt)


Tax Assessment and Revenue Clean-Up:

S6117/A9028 (Kruger/Farrell)

S5861-A/A8865-B (Dilan/Espaillat)


Pharmacy Reimbursement:

S6146 Klein


Homeownership development program:

S6150 (Espada)

State Senate Sets Agenda for 9/10