The Limits of Term-Limits Anger

It’s time, maybe, to temper the emerging idea that term limits was the driving force behind the ouster of a handful of City Council incumbents.

Here, for one thing, is a list of City Council members who voted to extend term limits and won re-election last night.

Oliver Koppell

Larry Seabrook

Helen Foster

Leroy Comrie

James Sanders

Diana Reyna

Sarah Gonzalez

Also, each of the incumbents who lost also had other problems.

Alan Gerson angered local residents by being aloof, and lost the support of party activists like the Downtown Independent Democrats.

Kendall Stewart had two staffers convicted of siphoning off public money for personal use. Hard to overlook that fact.

Maria Baez had a disturbingly high absentee rate, and did not have the support of the Bronx Democratic County leader.

Helen Sears was largely invisible in her eight years here, and her campaign against an openly gay opponent was an ugly one.

So, a factor, but maybe not the factor. The Limits of Term-Limits Anger