The RGA: Who Are These People?

Chris Christie has declared over and over that this election should be about “state issues”, however the Republican Governors Association (RGA) has been running ads all summer long. How nice of them Republican folks from other states to render their opinions on our “state issues”.

In the interest of openness and fairness, and knowing your sources, I’d thought I’d examine exactly just who these Republican Governors are, and whether or not they have the moral and ethical standing to render an opinion on who the New Jersey governor should be. Let us begin at the top, with just some of the folks who support Christie from the RGA. As Jerry Seinfeld would say, “Who Are These People?”.,

Sarah Palin (AK): The former governor of Alaska left her office in disgrace, with a trail of lawsuits following close behind. This is a woman who could not name one newspaper she read regularly to catch up on the national news; was parodied on SNL with her own actual stupid quotes (“I can see Russia from my house.”); could not name one Supreme Court case she disagreed with; and was scammed by two Canadian radio show hosts into thinking she was talking to the president of France. Stupid is as stupid does, as they say. To his credit, Christie does not want her in NJ stumping for him. I can see it now in an interview: “Of course, Christie should be the governor. He can see New York from his house.”

Mark Sanford (SC): The lying philandering governor resigned as Chairman of the RGA, and he was swiftly succeeded by Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour. From June 18 until June 24, 2009, the whereabouts of Governor Sanford were unknown to the public, including to his wife and the State Law Enforcement Division, which provides security for him, garnering nationwide news coverage. He lied about his whereabouts, and was having an affair with a Argentine woman (what’s the matter? American women are not good enough for you for an affair?). And Sanford used state public funds apparently to visit his gal pal. And now there are calls for his resignation, and impeachment proceedings are moving along against him. I am sure Christie would welcome Sanford to stump all over NJ—when Sanford is impeached, he will have plenty of time on his hands.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (CA): The governor of “Cal-eye-fornia” came in to office in the special goofy recall election to replace then-Governor Gray Davis. That was the election in which he beat former child star Gary Coleman and porn star Mary Carey. He has moved further and further and further left during his time in office—supporting initiatives to fight global warming. He is solidly pro-choice and pro-environment. Hell, he is practically a Democrat—not someone Christie would want in NJ. However, when Schwarzenegger leaves office, he will leave Cal-eye-fornia in worse fiscal condition than he found it.

Bobby Jindal (LA)- Early in 2009, this Bobby Brady look-alike gave the official Republican response to President Obama's address to a joint session of Congress. Jindal's speech was poorly received even among some Republicans, conservative commentators were among his harshest critics, calling his speech "a disaster for the Republican Party". Good going, Bobby. Maybe they should have used the real Bobby Brady instead. This is a guy who believes in Creationism and Intelligent Design theory. He mis-used taxpayer funded helicopter and State Police pilots to travel to far-flung parts of the state to attend various church services. And earlier in his political career, he described witnessing a friend seemingly being possessed by a demon. Good plan to have this guy come to NJ, Chris.

Haley Barbour (MS) –The guy who replaced the disgraced Sanford as head of the RGA, is not really popular amongst his fellow Repubs himself. In fact, in July 2009, a Rasmussen Reports poll indicated that only 34% of registered Republicans have a favorable view of him. And a whopping 37% dislike him, which is the highest unfavorable percentage among all other possible Republican candidates for 2012. Barbour has been accused of personally profiting from Hurricane Katrina recovery. Barbour is an owner of the parent company of lobbying firm Barbour Griffith & Rogers Inc., and he receives a pension and profit-sharing plan benefits from it. The lobbying firm has lobbied the state to give recovery contracts to its clients. Some of the proceeds of the firm's lobbying activities are deposited into Barbour's investment account.

Rick Perry (TX) – The guy who replaced George W. Bush as governor of Texas, serves as the Finance Chair of the RGA—so he signs the checks for all those anti-Corzine commercials. This is a guy has expressed a strong opinion that the secession of Texas from the Union would be just dandy. He declared that if you were not Christian, you were ‘doomed to hell’. And has been consistently anti-gay, and a tad homophobic. You’re an enlightened guy, Rick. But what do expect from a guy who came in second to Bush on a gubernatorial ticket.

Butch Otter (ID) –This is a guy Christie should be comfortable campaigning with: In 1992 Otter was pulled over on the Interstate-84 outside of Meridian, Idaho for driving under the influence. He claimed the arresting officer saw him swerving as he was reaching for his cowboy hat, which had been blown off by the wind in his open car. Otter offered many excuses for failing the field sobriety test including: his stocking feet were stung by weeds and gravel, he ran eight miles and his knees hurt, he was hungry, and that he soaked his chewing tobacco in Jack Daniels. What do expect from a guy with a nickname of “Butch”, and the same name a character from “Animal House.”

Sonny Purdue (GA) – here’s another guy Christie should feel comfortable with campaigning: Purdue gamed the system by purchasing land under a convoluted series of moves involving a suspect LLC, a guy who he later appointed to a state board, as well as the chairman of the Ways & Means committee of the Georgia state legislature. And on top of it all, Purdue failed to disclose the property or any interest on his financial disclosure forms for calendar years 2003 and 2004, as required by Georgia law. Sound familiar?

So, there you go—just some of the fine folks from the RGA who really care about what happens in New Jersey.

The RGA: Who Are These People?