Thompson Confident He’ll Win African-American Voters

Before hitting the parade route this morning, Bill Thompson fielded questions from reporters at the parade breakfast, who asked him about a recent Quinnipiac poll showing Michael Bloomberg widening his lead.


Why isn’t Thompson’s message resonating?

“I wouldn’t say that it isn’t,” said Thompson. “I think it is.”

One television reporter pressed Thompson about his support among African-American voters, which according to that poll, was at 48 percent, compared to Bloomberg's 39 percent. (I said when the poll came out that Thompson's numbers among black voters are lower than they'll probably be in November.)

Thompson said, confidently, “If anyone believes, if you go back and look at that part of the poll, the biggest change might have been with African-American voters. If anybody believes that I’m not doing better with African-American voters in New York City or that I’m going to get about 50 percent of African-American voters, I think they’re kidding themselves. So, I have no worries. I believe the gap is closing. Matter of fact, speak to the people out there in the streets, they’ll tell you that.” Thompson Confident He’ll Win African-American Voters