Thompson Gets Support From Stewart, But Not on Term Limits

Bill Thompson, who has made his opposition to Michael Bloomberg’s extension of term limits a major campaign theme, was endorsed today by one of the City Council members who voted for it.

That member, City Councilman Kendall Stewart, said it was a “mistake” for Thompson to campaign on that theme.

Stewart was speaking to reporters after appearing with Thompson and others on the City Hall steps this afternoon, where they announced the creation of “Haitians for Thompson.” “Caribbeans for Thompson.”

“He said that he was for term limits,” said Representative Yvette Clarke of Brooklyn, referring to Bloomberg. “Does everyone remember that? All of a sudden, we have amnesia. All of sudden, when he couldn’t maneuver to run for another seat, he decides, well, I want to run to be mayor again.”

Clarke said it was a “violation of our Democratic principles.”

When I asked Clarke about Stewart – who was standing right behind her – Clarke said, “What about him? They were in a position now, where, it was already out there.”

Thompson later stepped in and said, “This was led by the mayor. This change was initiated and led by him.”

Afterward, Stewart said, “I don’t think term limits is an issue in this campaign.”

When I asked if it was a mistake for Thompson to campaign on it, Stewart said, “I think it will be a mistake because people don’t remember the issues and they’ll have an opportunity, they still have an opportunity whether to vote for the mayor or not the mayor. So that in itself is term limits.”

Stewart is facing a spirited challenge for his own City Council in Brooklyn, led by Jumaane Williams, who has the backing of a number of labor unions and has made Stewart’s support of term limits a key issue.

Thompson Gets Support From Stewart, But Not on Term Limits