Three Fearless Predictions for Emmy Night!

It seems fitting that on Emmy night—a night that ostensibly is supposed to celebrate the greatness of television—there is plenty of great television available to divert your attention away from the glitz and glam of the award ceremony itself. Despite the presence of host Neil Patrick Harris—and who doesn’t love themselves some NPH!—the Emmy Awards are set to battle a new episode of Mad Men (which despite 16 nominations will not be taking the night off), the return of Curb Your Enthusiasm, the premiere of the lovely Bored to Death, yet another episode of Entourage and even a Giants/Cowboys game for you sports fans. Whoa! Get your wrist ready for some major flipping! In preparation for the big night, here are three fearless predictions.

Bet heavily on 30 Rock and Mad Men! (A.K.A. Duh)

You don’t need to be an expert to know that 30 Rock and Mad Men will clean up on Sunday night; combined, the two shows have 38 nominations, and should both repeat as Best Comedy and Drama, respectively. We also expect Alec Baldwin to win for Best Actor in a Comedy and Jon Hamm to take home Best Actor in a Drama. (Sorry Elisabeth Moss, you’re probably going to lose the Best Actress Drama race to Glenn Close from Damages). As for Tina Fey, she could very well win again for Best Actress in a Comedy, but for some reason we smell an upset. Don’t sleep on Toni Collette from The United States of Tara; she’s an actual actress and has to play multiple roles. Awards voters love that kind of stuff.

Too many Kanye West jokes!

While we’re more than certain that Mr. Harris—who should win his well-deserved Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy trophy with Jeremy Piven no longer nominated—will be totally awesome as Emmy host, we still have the sinking feeling that he’ll participate in an ill-conceived bit spoofing Kanye’s now-infamous interruption of Taylor Swift at the VMAs. This saddens us, if only because jokes about Kanye were already played out by the time the VMAs were over. Now, a week later, they feel even deader than “Poker Face.” Come on Neil! Do you think Barney Stinson would settle for the easy score? Actually, don’t answer that…

Ricky Gervais will once again kill!

Last year at the Emmys, Ricky Gervais showed up to plug his September movie, Ghost Town, and brought the house down by hilariously roasting the entire ceremony. He was so good that, at the time, we had hoped Mr. Gervias would be asked to host the Oscars. This year, Mr. Gervais has yet another fall movie, The Invention of Lying, and will most likely make a return appearance to plug its opening. Yay! No one makes an awards ceremony worth watching like Ricky Gervais. We only hope to catch him when we click over to the Emmys during a commercial break on Mad Men.

Three Fearless Predictions for Emmy Night!