Three Hours of Hate

The Giants say they hate the Cowboys. The Cowboys say they hate the Giants.

This week, the Giants said they especially hate being the first opponent at the Cowboys’ new $1.2 billion dollar stadium, which Nicolai Ourusoff said he kind of hated in this morning’s Times. The Dallas Morning News then said they hated Mr. Ourusoff for being an “East Coast dilettante” who can’t appreciate such grandiosity. (Note: that last bit of hatred occurred on the paper’s Sports Media Blog, not on its separate Stadium Blog.)

I say it should be a good game–kind of like a backyard scrap, but beneath the world’s largest high-definition video screen.

If you watch this game, be forewarned: the announcers will painfully belabor this mammoth screen. It’s low enough that a punted ball can hit it, and one did in a preseason game. Coaches got all riled up about player safety, but the league was unmoved; they said to just re-do any punt that bangs it. Just like the backyard.

Naturally, USA Today has a chart that illustrates the problem, and they included the Statue of Liberty so even the East Coast dilettantes can make sense of it.


Three Hours of Hate