Today in Atlantic Yards: Markowitz Goes Quiet, Moscow Mourns

No one seems to be feeling especially good about Atlantic Yards today.

The Post notes that voluble Brooklyn B.P. Marty Markowitz, a long-time backer of the project, has been strangely silent since the announcement that Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov is buying the team and investing in the 22-acre development.

“It’s a combination of anger and embarrassment,” said one operative. “He signed on to a magnificent Frank Gehry-designed Brooklyn palace in the sky, and now he’s got a foreign-owned big hole in the ground.”

Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn (still a project opponent) has a more dramatic lamentation, from an editorial in Vedomosti, a Moscow business paper. From their rough (but human) translation:

Purchase of the American basketball club New Jersey Nets by Mikhail Prokhorov is a vivid example of «business the Russian way» in the sense that it is easier to do it abroad.

Moreover – this is a consequence of one of the most disgusting traits of our character: I will give you everything that you wish, but to your neighbour I will give twice more. — Dear God, take one of my eyes.

I hope that’s some kind of idiom. It goes on to mourn the state of Russian basketball, and to say “we can be only glad for Mikhail Prokhorov.” So that’s something.
Today in Atlantic Yards: Markowitz Goes Quiet, Moscow Mourns