Today in Local Sports Coverage: The Girardi Way

Everyone seems to have a Joe Girardi story this morning. And it makes sense, since the Yankees’ manager has the team poised to clinch the A.L. East after missing the playoffs last year. The Daily News tells us that Mr. Girardi has managed to put on a “happy face” this year, while the Times leads with the manager’s haircut (“the haircut, it seems, has always informed the narrative”), and goes on to tell us that he slept with a tube sock over his elbow until he met his wife. Between the two papers, we also learn some interesting things about the clubhouse: the morning playlist includes T.I., Rihanna, and someone named Kevin Rudolf, and Girardi has a take-your-daughter-to-work day every month, where the players have to dress in back rooms so their daughters can roam the clubhouse just like their brothers do.

Joba Chamberlain starts the first game of a weekend series against the Red Sox, and the Daily News and the Post go with the counter-intuitive, but maybe reasonable, story that limiting the young pitcher’s innings is actually hurting him. The Daily News said theirs was an expert opinion.

On Sunday, we’ll find out whether the Yankees are more popular than the Giants or Jets. The three teams were supposed to have been staggered throughout the day, but everyone hurried to re-schedule around Yom Kippur, so now they’re all at 1 p.m. As we mentioned yesterday, the Jets didn’t fare so well against the Giants in the television ratings last week, but the Daily News thinks Rex Ryan’s team will not only beat the Giants in the ratings, but they’ll also beat Yanks-Red Sox, a game that could seal the division title.

The Knicks get a couple of stories this morning, after all the Nets talk of late (more on that later). David Lee and Nate Robinson re-signing, and the Post tells us to credit Knicks general manager Donnie Walsh for bringing them back. No doubt they’re an upgrade over whoever might have replaced them, but both of these guys are coming back because no one else was beating down the Garden’s doors to get them. Lee’s case is particularly bizarre. As a restricted free agent, the Knicks could have paid him $2.6 million dollars this season and he would have had to take it or sit out. Instead, Walsh is giving him a one-year deal worth $7 million. Robinson, who decided to tweet last month during an arrest for driving without a license, has yet to officially sign.

The Mets’ David Wright wishes his season was over. The Giants’ Kenny Phillips wishes his wasn’t. ““Our concerns are about Kenny from an emotional standpoint, because this morning he looked like he’d lost his best friend,” said Giants coach Tom Coughlin. 


Today in Local Sports Coverage: The Girardi Way