Weekend in Review: It Isn’t Easy Being David Paterson

Obama asks Paterson to drop out of the 2010 race; Queens Democratic Rep. Gregory Meeks was the lucky middleman.

RNC Chairman Michael Steele thinks it's because Paterson is black.

27% of the statewide electorate don't really know what to say about Gillibrand.

Rochester was apathetic on Tuesday.

Bloomberg sent out some new mailers, which arrived for some the day after the primary: "On Education, the Choice is Clear."

"Godfather of neo-conservatism" Irving Kristol dead at 89.

The Atlantic explains why the left should miss him.

Never doubt a New Yorker's dedication to his block: "This is a nice block. Sometimes things like this happen, but I'm not leaving," said a man who lives next to an illegal zoo-cum-drug den in Queens.

Sheldon Silver endorsed John Liu for comptroller.

Cory A. Booker, the mayor of Newark, twitters "a lot," even on Sundays.

Obama spent a lot of time on TV this week.

Bloomberg and Matt Damon happen to run into each other under the Brooklyn Bridge; Damon decides on a whim to endorse the mayor. Weekend in Review: It Isn’t Easy Being David Paterson