Weinberg should return Oury contributions, GOP says

Republicans want State Sen. Loretta Weinberg (D-Teaneck), the Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor, to return $1,000 in campaign contributions she took from Dennis Oury, a party leader who pleaded guilty to federal corruption charges today.

"Today's guilty plea by Oury, the former counsel and right hand man of disgraced former Bergen County Democratic Party Joseph Ferriero, underscores the corruption problems in the Bergen Democratic machine under Ferriero and Oury," said Kevin Roberts, a spokesman for the New Jersey Republican State Committee. "It also raises the question as to why Weinberg, who prides herself on her supposed distance from the Bergen machine, accepted these contributions, and why she would deign to be the running mate and unquestioning supporter of someone who enabled that machine with hundreds of thousands of dollars in political contributions – Governor Jon Corzine."

Weinberg had a long standing feud with Ferriero, but took contributions from Oury. Weinberg should return Oury contributions, GOP says