Weprin’s Game Show Ad Hits Opponents, By Name

David Weprin is out with a new radio ad blasting each of his Democratic opponents, by name. It’s in the style of an overly enthusiastic game show announcer.

The hits are pretty direct: David Yassky caved in on term limits and has ties to a non-profit which was criticized for benefiting a former Councilman, Steve DiBrienza. Melinda Katz is referred to, Sheinkopf-style, as a “landlord candidate” who delivered legislation that benefited a contributor, according to the ad. And the ad hits John Liu for getting caught in a “web of lies” about his sweatshop story.

UPDATE: Liu’s spokeswoman Juanita Scarlett emails a response to the ad.

“Let’s talk about truth in advertising: Are we supposed to believe that the Chair of the Finance Committee knew nothing about the so-called phantom funding scandal in the City Council? Are we supposed to believe that David Weprin will cut spending and waste in the Comptroller’s office budget, when he doesn’t even know what the budget is? It’s sad that the candidate dead last in this race is running such a negative and desperate campaign.” Weprin’s Game Show Ad Hits Opponents, By Name