W.F.P. Missed Two Recent Filings

Amid accusations that the Working Families Party is circumventing rules about campaign spending, a spokesman for the party acknowledged that they’ve missed two recent filing deadlines.

The two filings are the 32-day and 11-day pre-primary disclosures, required by the state Board of Elections. They should be listed here. The party, like many politically active organizations, is required to file disclosure statements with the State Board of Elections, in addition to the city Campaign Finance Board.

“We did not file the 32-day or 11-day pre-primary reports to the state Board of Elections,” said W.F.P. spokesman Dan Levitan, in a brief email. “It was a clerical oversight that we’ve alerted the board to and we are filing both on Monday.”

It’s not entirely unusual for someone to miss a filing, especially when there has been a recent change in treasurers. But this does draw more attention to the accusations that they’re trying to unfairly shuffle money between candidates they support and groups they control, and not get called on it until after their candidates have made it through the primary.

Bill Mahoney, the legislative operations and research coordinator for the New York Public Interest Group, said, “If they spent money on the primary they should have filed those two reports.”

  W.F.P. Missed Two Recent Filings