Wouldn’t you want to drive this car?

Fuel-efficient cars don’t typically conjure thoughts of hipness and cool—unless you count our president’s discussing energy policy—but this clever ad introducing Audi’s new “Start Stop” technology has us ready for a ride.

In the 60-second spot, produced by global ad giant BBH and titled “Economy Drive,” cars as we know them have been replaced by round, glowing light bulbs that zip around a cityscape, casting soft glows on gray street corners—until, that is, they come to a stoplight and go dark. (Get it? Start/stop, on/off, expend/save.) The bulbs blink in and out as they motor around, quiet and passenger-less, illuminating a city that never seems to sleep, yet feels wonderfully cozy. We might not be in the market for a new car (sorry, Audi!), but we’re happy to visit this neat new future, populated by as many light bulbs as people.

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