Yassky Calls Liu a Liar

David Yassky is out with an ad pushing his argument that John Liu is dishonest. He raises three main points and cites Daily News articles for verification.

The issues raised are about Liu returning contributions, discovering fraud at the M.T.A. and claims to have worked in a sweatshop.

Liu addressed each claim at a press conference earlier this week, but, at least in the Yassky campaign’s estimation, the controversy still has some legs.

Liu did overstate at a debate how many contributions he returned from people who received public money at his request. With respect to the M.T.A., Liu is sticking to the general theme of having found financial malfeasance there, which is a slight tweak on his earlier claim of having found “two sets of books” at the agency. That adjustment came it was noted that Michael Bloomberg and others have explained the accounting irregularity at the M.T.A. was a function of an unexpected windfall from real estate sales they were party to.

Liu’s still claims to have worked in a sweatshop when he was seven years old, but the part of the story that has evolved most is his claims of having to do the work in order to “make ends meet.” The talking point now is that he worked in a place and understands why it is called a “sweatshop.”

Liu, for his part, has responded to each of Yassky’s claims, and has been to try painting Yassky as financially inexperienced and too cozy with Michael Bloomberg to do effective audits on his administration. Often, Liu points to Yassky’s vote to extend term limits, in accordance with Bloomberg’s wishes. Liu opposed the extension. Yassky Calls Liu a Liar