Yassky Pledges to Build a Case Against Liu on Policy

Melinda Katz endorsed David Yassky for comptroller on the City Hall steps this morning, saying he “has the honesty and integrity to watch the city taxpayer dollars.”

Katz, who is from Queens, said the endorsement was not a dig at Yassky’s opponent, John Liu, of Queens, whose claims to have worked in a sweatshop as a child have been questioned.

Katz said that although she disagreed with Yassky on the creation of a cost-saving Tier 5 structure for municipal worker pensions (she opposes it, he is open to it), their policies about how to invest the city’s pension and cut waste from the budget “were more in sync.”

Yassky said he’ll focus from now until the run-off on making clear where he and Liu differ on policies.

Later, I raised the issue of Liu energizing Asian and minority voters with the prospect of making history as the first Asian-American elected citywide, and whether ethnic pride may overshadow the substantive policy debates Yassky said he is seeking.

“Voters always make their decisions on a whole range of factors,” said Yassky. “I think ehtnic pride is a valid and important thing for people to take into account. But at the end of the day, I do think that voters throughout the city in every community” will “have a clear choice between two different candidates, between two different records of accomplishments, different visions for this office.”

Yassky Pledges to Build a Case Against Liu on Policy