Yes, Honey, That’s Called a Meltdown

It’s really too bad the enduring image from this year’s U.S. Open will be Serena Williams menacing a terrified line judge.

Even before Serena’s meltdown, John Koblin and Zachary Woolfe wrote that the feeling around women’s tennis was that the Williams sisters–mighty though they are–were a “tired act,” and that there are quite a few younger, more fun, and much more cordial players in the women’s game.

And sure enough, Kim Clijsters, the 26-year old mother who came out of an early retirement and won the whole tournament, and Kim Oudin, a small 17-year old from Georgia, should have been the story.

But you know, in terms of public attention, “If I could, I’d take this fucking ball and shove it down your fucking throat” beats “Thank you guys so much for helping me!” every time.

The men’s final starts in a few hours.

  Yes, Honey, That’s Called a Meltdown